Areas of Practice
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Real Estate Law
Real Property Ownership and Transactions

Carol Lynn de Szendeffy works with her clients negotiating, reviewing, drafting and enforcing real estate purchase and sale agreements for commercial and residential property with an eye toward resolving conflicts or title issues and completing the funding necessary to close escrow.

Real property ownership can also include other legal needs such as working through a loan transaction or with a municipality when developing land. Other important areas that Mrs. de Szendeffy can assist with are: deeds and deed restrictions, judicial and non-judicial foreclosures, loan deficiencies, title disputes, title insurance claims, boundary disputes, and adverse possession claims.

Mrs. de Szendeffy assists clients with interpreting, modifying, creating and enforcing easements and other forms of access. She also drafts shared driveway and road maintenance agreements, which can help avoid and reduce neighbor issues when access is private and used by more than one parcel.

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Land Use and Construction

Carol Lynn de Szendeffy assists clients with land use and development issues from planning through the application process and has addressed issues related to zoning and building restrictions, zoning enforcement, conditional and special use permits, variances, Development Agreements, lot splits and lot line adjustments.

Mrs. de Szendeffy has represented owners, contractors and subcontractors with respect to drafting, amending and enforcing construction contracts. She has also assisted clients with filing, enforcement and defense of Mechanic's and Materialman's Liens.

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Landlord/Tenant Matters

Carol Lynn de Szendeffy works with both residential and commercial clients in negotiating, drafting, modifying and enforcing leases. She represents both residential and commercial clients in prosecution and defense of landlord/tenant eviction and collection actions in both Justice and Superior Court.

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Condominiums and Owner Associations

Carol Lynn de Szendeffy has helped clients draft, amend, interpret and enforce both residential and commercial Condominium Declarations, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions. She has established owner associations and works with governing boards to resolve conflicts, collect unpaid assessments and enforce liens.

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Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Mrs. de Szendeffy works with real estate brokers and agents in dealing with contract, agency and commission disputes. She also helps sellers resolve listing and commission disputes with their agents. Mrs. de Szendeffy represents clients in mediation, arbitration, and court proceedings concerning real estate broker and agent issues.

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Business Law
Business Formation

Carol Lynn de Szendeffy assists clients with forming business entities, including limited liability companies and corporations. The business entity formation process includes securing trade names, drafting operating agreements, by-laws, shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements and other related business specific documents.

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Business Operation, Sales, Acquisitions, and Dissolution

Operating a business takes on many different facets. Mrs. de Szendeffy has worked with clients drafting, negotiating and interpreting business contracts. She has drafted various service agreements, and other contracts such as credit line agreements, promissory notes and liens. Mrs. de Szendeffy has also assisted clients with the purchase or sale of a business and business dissolution.

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Business Dispute Resolution

Business disputes can take many forms, including internal disputes between owners and/or managers and disputes with third parties, whether vendors, clients or competitors. It can also include enforcement of contractual rights such as non-compete agreements or collection of unpaid accounts. Mrs. de Szendeffy works with her clients to resolve business issues in the most economic and efficient means possible, including alternative dispute resolution options. When necessary or appropriate Mrs. de Szendeffy represents her clients in court, prosecuting or defending their economic rights.

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Estate Planning and Administration
Wills and Living Wills

A properly drawn Will is an easy and inexpensive way to insure that your property is dealt with the way that you want after you pass away. Living Wills let both your family and the medical profession know what type of life saving and life support options you want and what types you do not want if your physical or mental condition keeps you from being able to communicate those wishes. Carol Lynn de Szendeffy drafts Wills to meet her clients’ needs. When leaving money or property to minors a testamentary trust can be included in the Will leaving an adult to handle the inheritance for the minor. Mrs. de Szendeffy also prepares Living Wills and other estate planning documents to meet her clients’ needs.

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Durable Financial and Health Care Powers of Attorney

Durable powers of attorney allow you to appoint another person to make decisions for you when you are unable to do so. Durable powers of attorney are used for estate planning purposes so that your financial and health care decisions can be taken care of by the people that you trust to do so, when you are physically or mentally unable to. Carol Lynn de Szendeffy prepares durable powers of attorney and other estate related documents to assist her clients in preparing simple estate plans. Clients may choose some or all documents available based on their individual needs and wishes.

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Estate Administration and Probate

Once an individual passes away certain steps must be taken to insure that property is properly and legally transferred to those entitled to inherit under a Will and the law. Mrs. de Szendeffy works with clients on an as needed basis to insure that the estate administration and probate process (if applicable) run smoothly and efficiently. Mrs. de Szendeffy assists clients with both small estate matters and informal probate on an individual conference basis or by appearing in court throughout the probate process, depending on the client’s needs.

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